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Praise for Freelance to Freedom

Bracingly honest, direct, and powerful- here are useful lessons from the trenches.

Seth Godin


Honest, Real

I've come across a ton of information about freelancing before, and here Vincent has put together one of the top resources around, by far. Freelance to Freedom is honest, real and exactly what a person needs to light the fire under themselves to finally make a change in their life for the better.

Pat Flynn

Author, Will It Fly

Your Guide

"Interviewing over 2000 successful entrepreneurs has led me to one conclusion. Freedom is what we all crave. Freelance to Freedom will be your guide to taking control of your time, your money, and most importantly, your freedom."



John Lee Dumas


on Fire

Practical Advice

Freelance to Freedom is full of inspirational and practical advice for anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom and live the American Dream. It's packed with real life examples and how-to's that will make a difference for those that apply it.

Brian Moran

The 12 Week Year

Required Reading

Straight to the point and super timely. This book should be required reading to graduate high school as it can save millions from pursuing the American Dream that ends up being a nightmare.



John Ruhlin

Author, Giftology

Vincent Pugliese paints a vivid and accurate picture of a common American experience: slipping into debt and living a mundane experience without realizing it. Loaded with wisdom, Freelance to Freedom encourages readers to take charge of their life and make a change. As an author of books on personal accountability, there is nothing more compelling than a story showing the power of wise decision making and perseverance.

John G. Miller

Author of QBQ

Wednesday 16, 2017

A great reminder that we are all standing on our own "acre of diamonds." We create our opportunities- they are not thrust upon us. Read this as a new set of eyes to discover the wealth right in front of you.




Dan Miller

Author, 48 Days

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